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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
apply_wefac.h [code]Applies wefac factor to passed value
calc_model.h [code]Calc_model declaration
calc_model_data.h [code]Calc_model data holder
calc_model_data_accessors.h [code]Accessors for calc_model data, can check invalid access to data at compile time
calc_model_type_helper.h [code]Defines short names for calc_model useful types
calc_perf_bhp.h [code]Calculates perforation bhp value
calc_perf_bhp_base.h [code]Base class (interface) for well perforation bhp calculation
calc_perf_density_base.h [code]Base class (interface) for well perforation density calculation
calc_rho.h [code]Density (rho) calculation
calc_well.h [code]Base class for wells
calc_well_pressure.h [code]Base class for objects that calculate BHP for well
call_helper.h [code]Helper functions for call methods of derived from py_object classes
closure.h [code]Closure implementation, it is not a 'standart CS closure', it is an object that stores pointer to member function and references to params with this member function should be called. Name convention closureN, where N is a number of member function params
compute_acc_rates.h [code]Calculates total rates
csr_ilu_cfl.h [code]Builds matrix based on CFL for csr_ilu preconditioner and solves this matrix
data_storage_interface.h [code]Interface for storage different data
date_sim.h [code]Typedef of date structure
debug_tools.h [code]Useful tools for debug
default_connection.h [code]Default implementation of well connection
default_rr_eliminator.h [code]Eliminates rr for default well implementation
default_well.h [code]Default implementation of well
default_well_rate_control_factory.h [code]Factory of well_rate_control for default well
event_base.h [code]Base class for model events
event_filter.h [code]Filters events
event_manager.h [code]Declaration of event_manager class
exp_temp_mx.h [code]Matrix arithmetics on expression templates
facility_base.h [code]Base class (interface) for facilities (wells, unnamed wells e.t.c)
facility_manager.h [code]Facilities manager
fi_operator.h [code]Fi_operator (calculates full implicit model)
fi_operator_block_connections_mpfa.h [code]Old (two point) mpfa implementation
fi_operator_block_connections_mpfa_2.h [code]Calculates flux part of Jacobian (full mpfa implementation)
fi_operator_calc_porosity_and_deriv.h [code]Calculates porosity and derivs, also calculates transmissibility multipliers
fi_operator_calc_prev_fluid_volume.h [code]Calculates fluid volume on previous step
fi_operator_calc_solution_mult_cell.h [code]Calculates multiplier for solution
fi_operator_calc_step_dt_mult.h [code]Calculates dt at the first newton iteration on time step
fi_operator_norm_calc.h [code]Calculates norm for fi_operator
fi_operator_save_debug_data.h [code]Saves debug data on each fi_operator iteration
fi_params.h [code]Contains model params
fip_results_storage.h [code]Storage for fip results
for_each_well.h [code]Calls methods for each facility (or well) in list
fracture.h [code]Fractures..
generate_numeric_jacobian.h [code]Fills jacobian with derivs that numerically calculated
jacobian.h [code]Implementation of Jacobian matrix
jacobian_impl.h [code]Implementation of jacobian class methods, used to reduce some overhead
keyword_manager.h [code]Declaration of keyword handling class
macroses.h [code]Usefull macroses
main_loop_calc.h [code]Main calculation loop implementation
matrix_inverse.h [code]Calculates inverse matrix
matrix_vector_op.h [code]Matrix-vector operations for derivs calculations
member_accessor.h [code]Helpers to adapt vector of calc_model_data to save via tools::save_seq_vector, only for debug purposes
norm_calc.h [code]Calculates norms
pp_index.h [code]Incapsulates indexes for derivs for n-phase models
prepare_fpu.h [code]Prepares FPU to work (enables exceptions, etc)
py_calc_model.h [code]Python wrappers for calc_model, calc_model_data
py_calc_well.h [code]Python wrapper for calc_well, see calc_well.h
py_calc_well_detail.h [code]Implementation of useful functions for calc_well exporter, see calc_well_exporter (py_calc_well.h)
py_csr_ilu_cfl_prec.h [code]Python wrapper for csr_ilu_cfl_prec
py_data_storage_interface.h [code]Python wrappers data_serializer, data_storage_interface
py_default_wells.h [code]Exports python wrappers for default_well
py_event_base.h [code]Python wrappers for event_base, python events iterator, for event_base see event_base.h
py_event_manager.h [code]Python wrapper for event_manager, see event_manager.h
py_facility_manager.h [code]Python wrappers for facility_manager, see facility_manager.h
py_jacobian.h [code]Exports python wrapper for jacobian, see jacobian.h
py_keyword_manager.h [code]Exports python wrappers for keyword_manager, see keyword_manager.h
py_reservoir.h [code]Export python wrappers for reservoir, see reservoir.h
py_reservoir_simulator.h [code]Exports python wrappers for reservoir_simulator, see reservoir_simulator.h
py_table_2d_debug.h [code]Python wrappers for table_2d
py_two_stage_preconditioner.h [code]Python wrapper for two_stage_preconditioner, see two_stage_preconditioner.h
py_well_factory.h [code]Python wrappers for well factories (well, well_controller, well_rate_controller, well_limit_operation factories), see calc_well.h and related files
rate_control_type.h [code]Types of well control
res_file_id.h [code]Identifiers
reservoir.h [code]Reservoir is a storage for and manager of facilities. also stores reservoir rates
reservoir_simulator.h [code]Main file of reservoir simulator
results_hdf5_writer.h [code]Writes [well|fip]_results to HDF5 storage
rr_rw_wr_saver.h [code]Helpers for save rr, rw and wr arrays from connections as one plain file
save_connection_data.h [code]Saves connection data (for debug)
simulator_events.h [code]Tools to declare events which will be called in main calculation loop
stdafx.h [code]Precompiled header... This source code is released under the terms of the BSD License. See LICENSE for more details
str_functor.h [code]Functor that used in event_manager and event_bae parse functions, it should be used instead std or boost functors to avoid ICE under MSVC
string_formater.h [code]Helper to format string (via ellipses),
table_2d.h [code]Obsolete
timers.h [code]Timers for linear solvers
trans_multipliers.h [code]Calculates transsmisibility mutlipliers
two_stage_preconditioner.h [code]Class declaration for two stage preconditioner
well_connection.h [code]Base class for well perforations (well connections)
well_controller.h [code]Well controller
well_event_params_decl.h [code]Parameters declaration for well events
well_events.h [code]Declaration of well events
well_limit_operation.h [code]Class well_limit_operation
well_rate_call_proxy.h [code]Helper class to call functors in connection loop
well_rate_compute_params.h [code]Params for compute well derivs
well_rate_compute_potentials.h [code]Compute perforation potentials for well derivs computation
well_rate_connection_loop.h [code]Loop through connections for well derivs computations
well_rate_control.h [code]Implementation of well control
well_rate_control_bhp_deriv.h [code]Calculates well derivs with control by BHP
well_rate_control_compute_deriv_typedef.h [code]Get types from base class (well_rate_control_deriv)
well_rate_control_deriv.h [code]Calculates rate and derivs for well
well_rate_control_impl.h [code]Implementation of well_rate_control
well_rate_control_impl_type.h [code]Types for parametrization well_rate_control_impl
well_rate_control_inj_mobility.h [code]Calculates mobility for injection wells
well_rate_control_interface.h [code]Base interface for well_rate_control_impl
well_rate_control_prod_mobility.h [code]Calculates mobility for production wells
well_rate_control_rate.h [code]Calculates rates for well
well_rate_control_rate_deriv.h [code]Calculates derivs for well controled by rate
well_reporter.h [code]Functions to print well information tables
well_results_storage.h [code]Storage for well and connection results
well_serializer.h [code]Class for well data serialization
well_type_helper.h [code]Type helper, stores common well types
wellbore_density_calc.h [code]Calculates perforation density
wells_common_const.h [code]Common constants for wells
wells_compute_connection_factors.h [code]Computes connection factors

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