The BS Eagle Project

November 13, 2009

The BS Eagle Project (bs-eagle) is an open source black-oil simulator. The main goal of this project is to provide a free access to the state of the art oil simulation software to study new methods of oil's simulation.

The project based on a BlueSky integration platform and has a modular architecture and open to modifications and extensions.

Current available plugins are:

  • linear solvers (gmres, cgs, tfqmr, bicgstab, csr_ilu_prec)
  • data storages (hdf5)
  • grids (ijk, eclipse)
  • wells (fully implicit black oil model)
  • jacobian's fillers
  • array arithmetics

To build bs-eagle you need:

  1. BlueSky kernel
  2. Python 2.5
  3. SCons (or MS Visual Studio 2005)
  4. Boost library 1.39
  5. Loki 0.1.6
  6. HDF5 1.8.3
    1. SZIP, recomended version 2.1
    2. ZLIB, recomended version 1.2

Example of BlueSky BuildSystem script placed at examples/scons_env.custom and examples/scons_vars.custom.


The BS Eagle Project:

  • Has a modular architecture and open to modifications and extensions
  • Contains state of the art algorithms of black-oil simulation
  • Integrates with Python and provides capability to write simulation scripts using Python
  • NumPy, PyAmg, HPGL compatibility
  • Cross-platform (Linux/Windows)
  • HDF5 supports


The BS Eagle Project is realesed under the terms of the BSD License (see for details)


To work with BS Eagle you will need to install following libraries and software:

The most recent stable builds of BS Eagle Project (together with the source code) can be downloaded from the project site.

Doxygen generated code documentation

HTML version of the documentation available online.


Document, which describes well model representation (russian).